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Multi Stop Route Planner and Optimizer

Best route planning app! Save time and fuel. Create a new route, add your stops and optimize! All you need is a mobile device and Routin App! Routin is used widely with over 500.000 downloads.

Customer Comments

User Comments

Joey L.

Courier drive

Easy to navigate, added twenty places and clearly shown on the map. After the first place you checked and go to the other until the last destination.

User Comments

Catalina C.

Delivery Courier, DPD

I use this app literally every day for my job, its been a lifesaver so far and I plan to keep on using it.

User Comments

Donna B.


Fantastic, I am a courier driver using this app on a daily basis. Xmas is a busy time of year for us and this is such a god send right now. Luv it.


Most used sectors and jobs

- Cargo services: Package delivery or package picking
- Health services: Patient examination or care visits
- Aid services: Municipalities or associations delivering aid packages or meals
- Sales / Marketing services: Customer visits, product distribution
- Personnel / Student transportation: Planning the shuttle routes
- Tourism: Planning tourist services, creating a travel route
- Planning of supply chain routes
- Food delivery: Food delivery by motor courier
- On-site installation, maintenance, and repair services: Repair, maintenance and installation services for air conditioning, white goods, electronic equipment
- Daily milk, fresh fruits and vegetables, carboy water sales and delivery
- Dry cleaning, carpet and seat washing services
- Private courier services
- Optimizing routes for reading electricity, water, and natural gas meters
- Optimizing garbage collection routes
- Planning meetings at multiple locations


Add hundreds of stops

Add stops to your route on the list or on the map using the address book. Add your location as a stop or you can add stops by pasting coordinates.

Create stops with voice

Create stops with voice

Instead of typing and searching for addresses, you can add stops by using the voice input feature. To add a stop, just say the street and the number.


Organize your routes

You can create routes for different tasks even in different countries.


Optimize your route

Optimizing your route can increase the number of your daily deliveries and help you save time and the fuel. Routin has a fast and reliable optimization algorithm. Optimize your route in less than 5 seconds. Choose route ending 'location' as 'automatic' for algorithm to plan the route from near to far.

Contact the customer

Contact the customer

Call your customer, send sms message or use other messaging applications easily while navigating towards your customer location.



Select one of the navigation apps (Google Maps/Yandex Maps/Waze etc.) to go to next stop. You can confirm your order by using the panel that appears above the navigation app. When you approve or reject this way, the app automatically starts the navigation to the next stop.

In iOS users, the stop confirmation process is done on the notification. Android users, on the other hand, can confirm the stop on the notification and information button.

Share visit details and view past visit data.

Notes and photos

Take notes or attach photos as proof of delivery for each stop on a route. Share notes and photos with your customer or use it as visit data.

Enjoy the practical address book

Enjoy the practical address book

Routin helps you to manage your contacts, customers, delivery or visit addresses using Address Book. Store names, phone numbers, photos and addresses of your stops. You can filter stops by name, group or address.


Import multiple stops

You can upload your CSV, KML, GPX or XLS files*. You can transfer the starred locations you saved in Google Maps to the application.

*Location data is required for CSV and XLS type files.


Browse your reports

Share your route details, You can review your summary report about your routes and planned distances for a selected period